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When you hire Select Roofing & Gutters, Inc. for your upcoming roofing project, you'll get quality coupled with peace of mind. Our roofers are highly skilled, trained and we set high standards for the level of service we deliver. For all of your roofing needs, give us a call today! (224) 227-6776

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First and mainly, we are here to help our customers. We will never try and sell our customers a service they do not need. Once problem is found it is our responsibility to always inform the customer of their options, if available. We never make decisions for our customers; we merely provide the evidence necessary for them to make them. We will ALWAYS do our best to provide our customers with the service they deserve. Quality of a job should never be sacrificed because of loss of profit Everyone makes mistakes; it is how we deal with them that will set us apart. Excellent customer service is not just expected, it is REQUIRED at Select Roofing & Gutters, Inc.

We will never try and sell our customers a service they do not need.

Benefits of replacing the old siding:

It increases your home's energy efficiency

It improve your home's curb appeal

It raises your home's value

Vinyl Siding: The most popular siding option, vinyl siding gives your home added insulation, soundproofing, and durability.

Cement Fiber Board Siding: Cement fiber board siding comes in a variety of different styles, from wood to smooth to stucco. We can help you pick out a style that suits your home.

LP SmartSide product line features a variety of lap siding solutions, all available in 16-foot lengths for fewer seams and faster installation. Lap offerings are available in three of our product collections. Each grouping offers a variety of unique styles and profiles

Attention to Detail

Improper installation is the only trouble you might run into with today's siding materials. Many contractors still use unskilled laborers for installation, which is why 90% of problems can be traced back to installers. While today's siding is not hard to install, there are many things one needs to know to do a professional job. Our crew has years of experience with residential and commercial siding, an important factor when you make your final choice of contractors.