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When you hire Select Roofing & Gutters, Inc. for your upcoming roofing project, you'll get quality coupled with peace of mind. Our roofers are highly skilled, trained and we set high standards for the level of service we deliver. For all of your roofing needs, give us a call today! (224) 227-6776

Roof Maintenance and Repair

We offer many varieties of roof repairs

When repairing a roof we always take the time to properly inspect the damaged or leaked area before continuing with the repair. We only use products that are compatible with the roof system we are working on, and take great care to maintain the existing look and functionality of the original roof system. Hard to find leaks: Being able to stop a roof from leaking is the true extent of the skill and experience of the roof specialist. At Select Roofing & Gutters, Inc. we dedicate a great amount of our time to training our roof specialists to be skilled at the art of finding roof leaks. Not all leaks are equal, and it takes a special kind of training to be able to locate some hard to find leaks.

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Residential: Shingles and Gutters

Roof Repairs: Don't let roofing issues wait!

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Affordable Commercial and Residential Roof Solutions.

Your roof experiences every day wear and tear through the process of natural aging and exposure to the elements. If maintenance services are not completed on a regular basis, the service life of the roof will be greatly reduced and the roof warranty may become void. The service life of any well maintained roof will be prolonged if it is not properly maintained.


Roof Maintenance

Roof Repair

Let Select Roofing & Gutters, Inc. re-roof your existing building. All of our crews consist of experienced, Local 11 trained specialists, which insures the highest quality of workmanship. Whether you choose Shingles, PVC, TPO or EPDM roofing system, we can meet your needs.

Select Roofing & Gutters, Inc. can also maintain your existing roof through our full-time service division. We offer 24-hour emergency service with same-day response. All repairs are completed without disruption to your business and are fully guaranteed to be correct the first time around.

It makes good sense to have a roof inspection performed regularly to prevent leaks in your home or place of business. Leave it for too long, and weather, age and corrosion can do a number on your roof -and now you've got a leak on your hands.